About TSA

What is the Technology Student Association? 

The Technology Student Association is a non-profit national student organization devoted to teaching technology education to young people. TSA’s mission is to inspire its student members to prepare for careers in a technology-driven economy and culture. The demand for technological expertise is escalating in American industry. Therefore, TSA’s teachers strive to promote technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving to their student membership.

NCTSA member working on projectInvolvement in TSA benefits teachers as well. Relating class activities to local, regional, state and national competitive events can be highly motivational for students. The natural interaction between teachers and students can be utilized to develop an excellent learning climate, while working toward goals.

TSA is the only student organization dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in technology education classes grades K-12. (In North Carolina, the curriculum name is Technology Engineering and Design Education.) TSA is recognized by the U.S. Dept. of Education, many state education agencies, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the International Technology Education Association and the National Coordinating Council of Career and Technical Student Organizations.

TSA is one of the many¬†CTSO (Career and Technical Student Association) opportunities for students. To be involved in TSA, students must be enrolled in or have completed a “tech ed” class in their middle or high school. Technology Education teachers are encouraged to sponsor a TSA chapter to further promote their classes and apply the curriculum.

Who are TSA members?

TSA now serves more than 250,000 K-12 students in 2,000 schools in 49 states nationwide. The majority of TSA’s membership consists of high school students.

Also, each the 2,500 teachers of technology education can be TSA advisors. Teachers can use TSA’s activities during the school day in their classroom and extend the learning beyond the classroom through a TSA chapter.

Student members have the chance to compete at local, regional, state, and national competitions. They may participate in chapter fund-raising activities and community service projects. TSA chapters host social activities. Leadership training is offered to student officers at the regional, state or national levels.

* text courtesy http://www.tsaweb.org


Mission, Motto, and Creed

TSA Mission Statement

The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design, and engineering. Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs.


The TSA Motto

Learning to Lead in a technical world


The TSA Creed

I believe that Technology Education holds an important place in my life in the technical world. I believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation, and processes of industry.

Guided by my teachers, artisans from industry, and my own initiative, I will strive to do my best in making my school, community, state, and nation better places in which to live.

I will accept the responsibilities that are mine. I will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence. I will explore on my own for safer, more effective methods of working and living.

I will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and will exercise tact and respect for other individuals.

Through the work of my hands and mind, I will express my ideas to the best of my ability.

I will make it my goal to do better each day the task before me, and to be steadfast in my belief in my God, and my fellow Americans.