Blog Post #2 – Officer Training

Alexis Porter
NCTSA Secretary

During the weekend of May 19 to May 21, we were given the privilege to meet with other state officers for the clubs of HOSA, FBLA, and SkillsUSA to learn a variety of leadership skills as well helping honing in on our listening skills. The beginning of each session with everyone started with a conversion on what we had learned or what we thought was important for our clubs. Throughout the entire weekend, state officers got to break the ice and learn new ways to be leaders for their clubs, from standing on the stage and giving awards to speaking loud and clearly. Each skill we were taught helped teach us how to better ourselves for our clubs. When we weren’t with the other state officers, everyone was with their advisors, planning for the new year and putting those plans into action. The last day was the finalization day and for everyone to explain what they learned and how it could be used in their clubs. For everyone, the lessons learned were a step closer to being a team player for their club and showing how they can better prepare themselves for the year ahead.