To start a TSA chapter, all that is needed is a motivated  teacher and an eager group of students.

For a complete list of chapter affiliation forms, please visit the National TSA Website:

TSA online affiliation is open!  Click here to begin the process of affiliating your chapter for the school year.  TSA accepts membership throughout the school year.  However, priority membership is given to chapters that affiliate by mid November.

Once your affiliation is complete, each registered advisor at your school will have access to Total TSA , containing competitive event criteria, leadership lessons and membership materials for your chapter.  If you have questions about chapter affiliation contact Suzy Orr.

Perhaps the most important benefit of TSA membership is the inspiration and enthusiasm that students gain from receiving recognition for applying their knowledge. Demonstrating skills in a forum beyond school walls motivates students, especially when there is a large, like-minded audience of peers who support them. Other benefits include:

  • Enhance technological literacy and leadership skills
  • Work on complex activities from start to finish
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Meet and work with business and industry leaders
  • Attend organized meetings
  • Network with students and teachers with similar interests from all over the United States
  • Contribute time and effort to a national service project
  • Receive national membership services, including the online TSA newsletter, School Scene,
  • Receive recognition through TSA’s honor society, scholarships and achievement programs
  • Have a voice in a national organization that is helping to shape the future of technology education
  • Access to 73 traditional competitive events, with 62 converted to a virtual format
  • Participate in Monthly warm-up challenges to enhance competitions
  • Member-of-the-month recognition
  • Career awareness opportunities
  • 21st century leadership skills activities
  • Online pop up events – such as speakers, podcasts, videos, virtual field
  • Scholarship and award opportunities
  • Local, regional, state, and national competitions

NC-TSA Membership Growth
CTSOs (Career and Technical Student Organization) are funded by the Department of Public Instruction based on the number of members we have statewide. The larger our membership, the more funding we receive from NCDPI. Our funding has doubled in the past two years as our membership has increased. This increase in membership has allowed us to keep our conference registration cost down as inflation has increased. NC-TSA has the one of  the lowest conference registration cost of all eight student organizations. We have also provided the members with additional services such as newsletter, NC-TSA Pin, NC-TSA Note Pads, NC-TSA T-Shirts and Conference Speakers. Hopefully these additional services will increase the quality of the conference.
It is the organization intent to keep the conference registration cost down, but we must continue to focus on increasing membership and conference participation. Chapters should continue to encourage other schools to join NC-TSA and encourage elementary schools to join NC-TSA. Advisors should continue to affiliate as a cap chapter when appropriate.

Chapter Affiliation Program (CAP)
Individual membership (White CAP) is best for relatively small chapters or large chapters of dedicated students. With individual membership, each member pays a $12 national membership fee (plus $6.00 state dues) and receives all student mailings. Large chapters may be interested in the BLUE Chapter Affiliation Program (CAP), which allows chapters to affiliate on a “flat fee” basis with an unlimited number of students. BLUE CAP membership also is effective in chapters where students rotate through a technology education class for a portion of the year. BLUE CAP chapters affiliate for a $400 national membership fee and the state membership fee is waived.  They also receive  all student mailings from nationals. TSA operates under a unified dues policy, whereby members must affiliate and pay applicable dues at the local, state, and national levels.