State Conference

40th Annual NC TSA State Conference


April 3-5, 2019 – Greensboro  North Carolina

The North Carolina Technology Student Association (NCTSA) will hold its 4oth Annual State Conference April 3-5, 2019 at the Sheraton Four Seasons Hotel, Greensboro, NC. The State TSA officers and the State Technology, Engineering and Design Education staff invite and encourage all affiliated chapters to attend and participate to make this the best conference yet.

The conference registration period begins January 30, 2019 and ends on March 3, 2019, please register your chapter online at this time. During this open registration period you may add, delete and edit your registration input. After March 3rd, you will not be able to make any changes, additions or deletions. Payments for conference registrations are due postmarked date by March 8, 2019. Please make one check payable to NCTSA.

Mail all conference materials and your payment to: Jerianne S. Taylor, 292 Ridgefield Road, Boone, NC 28607.

Beginning January 30th, schools may register at:

Beginning January 30th, judges may register at: Judges Registration Link


2019 NCTSA State Conference Packet

The Tentative Schedule for 2019 NCTSA State Conference is in the registration packet.  The final schedule will be posted in late February.

Packet link includes:

  • Chapter Registration form
  • Updated January 2019: Hotel Registration form
  • Online Registration info
  • Reminders and general information
  • Specific Event Themes
  • Student Code of Conduct (in Registration Packet)
  • Personal Liability and Medical Release Form
  • NC TSA Chapter of the Year Award Information
  • NCTSA  New Chapter of the Year honoring Dr. Laura Hummell
  • NCTSA Influence Award honoring Dr. Richard E. Peterson
  • American Cancer Society Service Project

2) LEA and School Codes

3) Wayne and Karen Clark Scholarship

4) Specific Event Information for 2019 (themes, etc.)

5) Competition Updates

6) North Carolina TSA Only Events

NATIONAL TSA RECOGNITION – Student Achievement Awards and Chapter Recognition Opportunities


Conference registration fee is $65.00 for all participants and guests. Everyone must complete the online registration process. Registration fees are used to cover the cost of conference awards, various functions, trophies, mixer functions, and other conference expenses. Copies of all conference registration forms and fees must be postmarked by March 8, 2019. Please make checks payable to NCTSA and mail to Jerianne S. Taylor, 292 Ridgefield Road, Boone NC 28607.

• Only affiliated members may participate.

There will be no on-site changes for individual events. Students will NOT be allowed to add, switch, change, or substitute one individual event for another. However, for team events, advisors may make substitutions as long as the student is registered for the conference.


Voting Delegates
Each chapter is entitled to two (2)-voting delegates per 10 chapter members. CAP affiliates have a maximum of twelve (12) delegates. Advisors MUST designate on the registration forms those students who will be acting as delegates.

Wayne and Karen Clark Scholarship
The NCTSA offers eligible seniors attending a North Carolina public or private high school, who intend to enter a North Carolina state supported university to prepare to teach Technology Education upon graduation or seniors who are entering a technology related field may apply for the $500.00 Wayne and Karyn Clark Scholarship. See attached application.

Awards and Recognition Program
Advisors are reminded to encourage students to apply for TSA Technology Honor Society membership and appropriate Achievement Awards. Each applicant is required to submit $5.00 when applying for an Achievement Award or Honor Society membership. Upon receipt, we will send the required $5.00 fee and application to National TSA. Silver Achievement Awards will be presented during our State Conference Award Ceremony, while Gold Achievement Awards will be given at the TSA National Conference. Honor Society members will be recognized at both the state and national conferences.

Competitive Events
National rules and criteria will also apply to the NC-TSA conference. Competitions competition will be governed by the current Competitive Events Guide. Ignorance of the rules WILL NOT be accepted as an excuse for not applying the rules and criteria as defined within the TSA Curricular Resource Guides. To avoid confusions and/or unpleasantness, please make every effort to understand the requirements of each event before conference and ensure that each student knows what is expected of him or her. Check the National web page for additional information. Call the Events Coordinators listed on the web page for clarification of rules should you have any questions or concerns.


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